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Multispecies Fisheries Research and Management Problems_A Personal View by John Pope 1998

Published: August 01, 1998

Hydrological models of nutrient inputs in the Chesapeake Bay watershed seem well developed.  Such models can be coupled to phytoplankton production but as production moves to higher trophic levels, the problems of understanding, modeling and managing increase because we are increasingly dealing with critters with minds and agendas of their own.  Moreover, tjey interact with eachh other and are directly or indirectly subject to fishing prressure.  In short, we moving from physical/chemical problems and into biological and fisheries problems.  Interactions between fishermen and the ecosystem:  Comfortable single species management tools do not reflect fisheries or biological reality.  This is because, in addition to the direct effects of fishing mortality, other interactions occur beteen both sets of players.  The workshop presentations have made it clear that multi-species are of two types.

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