Blue Crabs

What are the effects of poor water clarity?

Poor water clarity does not allow sunlight to reach bay grasses growing at the bottom of shallow waters. These underwater grasses provide food and habitat for many animals, including fish, crabs and birds. Without bay grasses, these animals may not have the food and habitat they need to survive.

What do blue crabs eat?

Blue crabs are opportunistic omnivores. They will eat nearly anything they can find, including bivalves, dead fish, plant and animal detritus, and even other crabs!

How long do blue crabs live?

Blue crabs have a rapid growth rate and short life span. Few blue crabs live longer than three years.

What is a crab jubilee?

Like all other critters in the Chesapeake Bay, blue crabs need oxygen to survive. When the water’s oxygen content is too low, blue crabs have been known to come out of the water and onto the land to escape suffocation. This phenomenon is known as a “crab jubilee.”

Do blue crabs put on weight before winter hibernation?

Blue crabs do not eat more to prepare for winter hibernation (like, for instance, a black bear might). While blue crabs are heavier in the fall, this is because the crabs have gone through several molts and grown in size.

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