Climate Change

How will climate change affect the Chesapeake Bay?

Climate change, sometimes called global warming, has led to sea-level rise and increased temperatures in the Chesapeake Bay and around the world. Other predicted effects of climate change include prolonged periods of extreme weather and changes in ocean chemistry, wildlife abundance and wildlife migration patterns.

How rapidly is sea level rising in the Chesapeake Bay?

Over the past century, Chesapeake Bay waters have risen about one foot, and are predicted to rise another 1.3 to 5.2 feet over the next 100 years. This is faster than the global average because the land around the Bay is sinking through a process called subsidence.

What is ocean acidification?

Ocean acidification occurs when carbon dioxide reacts with seawater to produce carbonic acid. This raises surrounding acidity levels and lowers carbonate ion levels, making it harder for oysters and other shellfish to produce the calcium carbonate needed to form their shells.

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