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Chesapeake Unscripted: What is a Watershed? (Alexandria, Va.)

March 03, 2010

What is a watershed? Know it or not, it’s very important to understand where your local streams and rivers flow and how our actions impact their health, and how their health impacts us. Hear what people in Alexandria, Virginia (yes, Alexandria is in the Chesapeake Bay watershed!) had to say in this Chesapeake Unscripted video.

Produced by Matt Rath

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Kurt says:
November 11, 2013

The responses to the unexpected question emphasize that many people don’t even know that they ALL live in a watershed… and not very many individuals know what watershed they are in. Other issues are more important to them, they think, than this “narrow environmental” issue. But, you can bet that many of these same unknowing individuals will be quick to complain if they suffer losses from tributary flooding!


Jacqueline says:
January 09, 2014

One wonders what damage we are causing to our watershed when so few really even understand what it is and it’s importance.

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