Videos: fish

Browse our collection of videos to learn about everything from blue crabs and oysters to hands-on science and restoration projects.

  • A glimpse into a restored Chesapeake oyster reef

    Oyster sanctuaries are allowing restored reefs to form clumps of habitat for bay critters

  • Bay 101: American Shad

    What role do American shad play in the Bay's ecosystem, and how are experts working to restore them?

  • Bay 101: Fish Food

    What do larger fish like striped bass and bluefish eat to survive in the Chesapeake Bay?

  • Bay 101: Fish Kills

    What is a fish kill, and what causes them to occur in the Chesapeake Bay?

  • Bay 101: Intersex Fish

    How has exposure to chemical contaminants in the Chesapeake Bay region led to intersex characteristics in fish?

  • Bay 101: Ospreys

    How does studying this top predator help scientists understand the effects of toxics in the Bay ecosystem?

  • Bay 101: Striped Bass

    What role do striped bass play as both a sought-after catch and a key predator in the Bay food web?

  • Bay 101: Waterfowl

    What are waterfowl, and why is the Chesapeake Bay so important for these migratory birds?

  • Bringing back the bobwhite quail

    An Eastern Shore farm partnered with Washington College to manage native grasslands for wildlife